"It’s that extra length of skin which really matters"

The ‘Tip’ At The End

+ invertedThe foreskin is a vital part of a fully functioning male sexual anatomy. It is the acroposthion, encompassing the ridged band at the tip of the penis that has the greatest potential for pleasure with its extensive network of nerve receptors. It is of vital importance that all males become informed of this pleasure potential which is information that’s relatively recent.

However, the history of our relationship to the foreskin is complex. In some cultures the removal of the foreskin has become a ritual and a major part of that cultural identity. In the English-speaking countries circumcision became perceived as a valid medical procedure – a perception that has not stood up to scrutiny.

The speed with which circumcision rates dropped in New Zealand is a prime example of how quickly attitudes to the foreskin can change once those carrying out the practice take on board the latest research. Nevertheless the USA remains an outlier amongst the Anglophone countries that began circumcising as a medical procedure, and is a counter-example of how psychologically resistant some cultures are to change.

As society becomes ever more aware of the importance of consent in relating to ourselves and to others, isn’t it time that we granted all children sovereignty over their bodies and allowed them to make decisions for themselves that so drastically affect their physicality and psychology? And to do so only once they are mature enough to make informed choices?



And can we reconcile the vast disparity between our perceptions of male and female genital cutting? It is our collective blindness to the value of the foreskin that has rendered us profoundly sensitive to the impact of FGC, yet largely indifferent to its close correlate MGC. The information is now available to allow us to rectify this untenable position.

In that process we should be mindful of the extensive industry that has evolved using foreskins in Bioengineering and Cosmeceutical technologies. The beauty benefits of foreskin face creams come at a very real human cost, yet we are mostly unaware of the economic and aesthetic pressures acting against the widespread transformation of attitudes to foreskin in the USA.

But the transformation that is currently underway runs much deeper and more widely than this. Those with foreskin-related medical conditions such as phimosis should be aware that the global medical profession continues to be under-educated about the importance of retaining the foreskin, and about alternative treatment approaches that can either avoid surgery, or else leave the foreskin largely intact, for example dorsal slit surgery or preputioplasty.

Ultimately this website is about the foreskin’s acroposthion, which is a truly wondrous and phenomenal structure engineered by evolution over millions of years. It deserves to be appreciated and enjoyed in all its natural glory.

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It took millions of years of evolution to engineer the human foreskin…Appreciate and Love the foreskin and the Acroposthion














I Love My Foreskin