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+ invertedCircumcision originated in the depths of antiquity and has been a festering sore and a hideous curse physically and on the male human psyche for millennia. Whatever the origins and reasonings behind circumcision, its ultimate purpose is to desensitise the penis by decreasing sensations due to the diminished amount of nerve endings from the loss of the foreskin. It deprives males of the incredible sensational delights and blissful pleasures that the foreskin was designed to produce. It not only robs men of their right to their natural inheritance but it also robs those women and other men who will have sexual encounters or relationship with them, the joys of the ‘intact’ experience. To many people it is a major issue and a very significant factor that their male partner has a foreskin, and to be denied this is a very tragic and sorrowful loss.

Intact_genitalsMale circumcision is a man-made construct which is ultimately about control and male disempowerment. It is the fundamental right of every male to keep the foreskin that he is born with. It is not up to any belief system to take this foreskin away from him…so for any system to demand the removal of any man’s foreskin, one has to question the validity of such a belief system that demands a cruel and irreversible mutilation that permanently cuts off his foreskin. No belief system has ANY right to demand the circumcision of any male. It is an issue of morality and a significant human rights issue, irrespective of religious beliefs, or purported hygiene or medical reasons. It is an evil agenda to deliberatery interfere with the genitals of males by denying them the wondrous natural pleasures, delights and joys that their foreskin (the male’s clitoral equivalent) is capable of producing. Thus, it is nobody’s business to take it away nor to profit from it, particularly by the circumcision industry’s ‘Foreskin Mafia’ which unethically makes billions of dollars every year from the foreskin tissue trafficking of North American neonate boys. Female circumcision on young girls, likewise is an outrage and deservedly has been made a crime in many nations. However, when it comes to male neonate and child circumcision it would seem that it’s seen as ‘normal’ and an ‘important’ aspect of many people’s lives. This is an incredibly blatant ‘double standard’ and needs to be challenged for it’s the right of ALL humans to keep all of their body parts that they are born with. This serious sexist contradiction and hyprocrital ‘anomaly’ against males needs to be corrected if society truly wants equality for the sexes.

Genital cutting is NOT a parental rightThe derision, ignorance, mockery, ridicule and fear perpetuated about foreskins MUST stop and on-going education is needed to ensure that the foreskin is respected, valued, left intact and not dismissed as irrelevant, trivial and useless, as it currently is by many people, societies and belief systems. As far as circumcision is concerned, there is no need to continue this antiquated and savagely cruel practice of cutting off foreskins. Just because it has been done for thousands of years (whatever the reasons for its emergence) it doesn’t mean to say that we have to continue with this painful, brutal and disempowering ritual, which perpetuates primitive, ‘barbaric blood-lust’. It is up to individuals and groups of people to take responsibility for their actions and thoughts on the morality of circumcision and genital mutilation. Individuals need to stop being like ‘sheeple’ (sheep people) who blindly follow what the ‘herd’ thinks and does without any thought of their own. Parents who act from entrenched conditioning and believe that it’s their right to have their baby boys’ penises cut because they know best, can only have themselves to blame when that child eventually grows up and realises that he’s been cheated and robbed of the most sensitive part of his body, and then resents his parents for denying him his right to being WHOLE. It is on the head of those mothers and fathers who continue to insist on having the foreskins of their sons cut off, that one day they will have to answer and face their progeny when they ask “why did you have my foreskin cut off?”.

IntactivistThere are many women who are circumcisionists because of cultural and societal conditioning and consider an intact penis as detestable, gross or vile and actively ensure that their sons are circumcised. These women are the same ones, who riducule and mock intact men, making them feel shameful about their foreskins, as if there was something wrong with them. This category of body shaming needs to stop as it can undermine the self esteem or self worth and confidence of an intact man. It would seem that these women are oblivious to the morality and human rights issues which is violated by circumcision. These are the same women who condemn Female Genital Mutilation a crime and yet condone male circumcision as ‘normal’ and acceptable. The simple fact is that these women have been brainwashed but this sort of narrow minded ignorance and prejudice stems from fear of change. It’s crucial for them to be informed of the facts regarding the foreskin as well as the psychological implications that circumcision is likely to have on their own sons, so that they can make an informed choice and decision and to make the right choice not to go down the route of the barbaric torture practice of circumcision. After all, the foreskin is in the interest of women because it was designed by nature for sexual intercourse to provide a gliding and smooth action during penetrative sex. Women who have only had sex with circumcised men, need to inform themselves and have sex with intact men to compare the difference. They need to ‘get over’ their ignorance through being kept in the ‘dark’ for so long and to wake up and ‘smell the foreskin’, and to see it as a most intricate and sensitively potent erogenous zone of a man’s body.

No_Medical_Excuse_for_Genital_AbuseIt would seem that a lot of doctors who represent the ‘medical’ profession don’t seem to be aware of the importance and value of the foreskin as an erogenous region of significance, as they’re all too willing to recommend circumcision in the first instance should there be a problem with tightness of the foreskin. This seems indicative of the general ignorance, indifference, malaise and embarassment surrounding the foreskin. Doctors need to inform themselves of conservative management strategies for men with tight foreskins, such as the non-surgical options and dorsal slit and preputioplasty options which require surgery. After all they’re supposed to look after the best health interests of people and for a man to keep his foreskin is in his best interest, unless of course he has a malignant growth on his foreskin, which would be the only reason to amputate it.

Michelangelo's DavidThe ‘obsession’ with being ‘beautiful’ seems to be resulting with many people succumbing to the pressure to go under the knife for ‘cosmetic’ reasons. If some men are all too willing to sacrifice their foreskins for cosmetic ‘shallowness’ to look like everybody else, then they may not be aware that they’re relinquishing the powerhouse of pleasure potential that resides in their foreskins. The pressure to ‘conform’ to the denuding of the penis by the removal of the foreskin to look ‘acceptable’ is something that needs to be resisted. Many men who succumbed to circumcisions as adults have regretted this decision because the overall implications of this surgery was not taken into account. As well as the obvious physical pain, discomfort and disorientation of having the foreskin removed, there are also emotional and psychological repercussions which may not be apparent prior to the surgery. Once it’s gone, that’s it…it’s gone forever, as the foreskin cannot be re-attached. If any man is contemplating having his foreskin removed for cosmetic reasons, then it’s important to question the reasoning behind it and to absolutely resist and refrain for undergoing this surgery…by all means inform yourself and do some research on the subject and please DON’T get your foreskin cut off, as you’ll ultimately regret this decision.

If you remove his teeth...The genital integrity of both males and females is one of the most precious and important rights that any human being is entitled to. Genital mutilation is an utterly vile, vicious, abhorent and appallingly damaging practice. Raising awareness and discussion is needed to highlight and to eventually work towards erradicating forever the practice of genital mutilation of both sexes because it is a repulsive, violent sex torture crime and an affront to civilized behaviour. Especially because it is done to neonates, infants, toddlers or pre-pubescent children, all of whom are the innocent victims and aren’t in a position to say no. To be ‘sacrificed’ by the responsible adults in their lives and subjected to the psychological terror, excruciating pain and traumatising experience must feel like an absolute violation of trust, power and a major betrayal to them by these adult ‘carers’. The scars which result from being genitally mutilated are not just physical, but very often psychological and emotional which torment the victims throughout their lifetime, and are permanently seared into the psyche of those individuals. It’s alarming to think that supposedly intelligent men and women aren’t able to see why the issue of neonate and child circumcision is such a disturbing and distressing moral outrage, and continue regardless to have their baby boys’ penises cut with an arrogance of intransigence, because they don’t want to ‘deviate from the norm’. The trauma caused in that brief but torturous moment of circumcision, seemingly ‘re-wires’ the baby’s brain permanently, which unfortunately cannot be undone, once its happened. Just stop circumcising penises…and let baby boys grow up with their natual ‘inheritance’ intact.

intact famous menIt’s important also for those intact men who don’t really appreciate their foreskin and treat it with indiffernce to alter this perception of their foreskin, and learn to love it. It may be that you feel embarassed or ashamed of your foreskin and thus retract it in public and don’t pay any particular attention to it. It may be that you haven’t really had your foreskin sensitised to the extent of not really having had pleasureable sensations directly from its stimulation because it’s always retracted and you avoid covering your glans. Because of the ‘sex taboo’ repression and hostility to our sexual pleasure which mainstream religions purport, it’s not always been easy to accept our bodies, genitals and sexual joys and to be comfortable with these. There is no longer any value in being made to feel shame about our bodies, genitals and sexual joys and every one needs to take control back and reject the repressive and archaric concept of sin, especially when it comes to sexual joy and pleasure. The foreskin is at the centre of the male’s pleasure potential, so it’s rather important for intact males to become acquainted with it and to learn what delights and ecstatic sensations it can produce.

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It took millions of years of evolution to engineer the human foreskin…Appreciate and Love the foreskin and the Acroposthion

Ultimately this website is about the foreskin’s acroposthion, which is a truly wondrous and phenomenal structure engineered by evolution over millions of years, which has been maligned and vilified by sections of humanity for thousands of years. The time has come to re-establish the acroposthion in the modern civilized world in much the same way that the ancient Greeks did in their civilization, in that it was the ‘prized’ centre piece of a man, to be admired, treasured and revered by himself and others. Intact men, nature has bestowed you with a pleasure treasure in your foreskins, so enjoy this wondrously natural gift and ALWAYS BE PROUD OF YOUR FORESKINS AND ACROPOSTHIONS.

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