+ invertedPornography is an important medium where people can see other people behaving sexually, learn techniques and make comparisons to find that there are others similarly like themselves. The internet now makes it globally possible for people to easily access pornography through porn websites, blog sites, live webcam sites, social porn sites, etc. This easy accessibility has made it possible to observe sexual behaviours from a wide range of people from a wide range of locations. It’s interesting to note that when watching people having sex that there seems to be an overwhelming tendency to retract the foreskin to expose the glans and then leave it exposed. Whether it’s masturbation or oral sex, sexual play seems to solely focus on the head of the penis and usually very little attention is given to the foreskin pucker or nozzle. This under-utilisation of the foreskin by intact men may appear to be most likely a symptom of the ‘normalisation’ process of circumcised penises by North American culture, where the vast majority of pornography up until recently stemmed from. Many intact men exposed to those cut porn stars, may feel that retracting their foreskins is what they have to do to feel acceptable in the belief that a circumcised penis is more desirable than a foreskinned one.

Hopefully, his situation is changing since European porn has become popular in the recent past with intact hetreosexual European male porn stars such as Rocco Siffredi, Steffen Berlin and Manuel Ferrara (whose nickname is Mr. Foreskin) to name just a few, redressing the balance. Certainly amongst gay culture there have been numerous intact porn stars who have helped to promote the joys and pleasures of the foreskin and it would seem that the intact penis is now gaining some sort of status symbol, which is a welcome change.

For many men both straight and gay, the first thing they do when masturbating or having sex is to retract their foreskin. In regards to watching both heterosexual and homosexual porn, the vast majority of both men and women, retract the foreskin from the outset and completely ignore it as if it wasn’t there. Pornography can be seen as an informal source of sexual education, also providing sexual pleasure and a safe sex option for men and women, but it has generally modelled the foreskin to be irrelevant and cumbersome. Surely, the cut men in porn do the best they know how with their circumcised penises, but the legacy left by them has had the effect of promoting the idea that circumcised penises are what penises ‘ought’ to look like. The legacy and influence of cut porn stars seems to be the overly vigorous manual handling and thrusting via oral, vaginal and anal sex because of the obvious need to generate greater stimulation from their desensitized glans penises to achieve the sensations that lead to ejaculation.

Having perpetuated circumcised penises as the norm, it is also porn that’s seemingly helping to reverse this trend with the promotion of intact penises. Since the 1980s several porn directors commenced to promote intact models in their films. Films by directors such as Jean Daniel Cadinot and Kristen Bjorn have been significant in elevating the status of the intact penis among the homosexual community. Bjorn uses many South American and Eastern European men in his films, most of whom predominantly have foreskins. He quite often pays particular attention to foreskin play in his movies with pulling, stretching, sucking, tonguing and the docking of foreskins being featured in many of his films. Altomar was an exclusively foreskin oriented gay porn company which made videos solely emphasising foreskin play.

Al Parker, an American porn star who also became a director and producer of porn films, was a keen promoter and advocate of foreskins. He likewise indulged in docking, chewing, sucking, tonguing and stretching of foreskins on film. Although he was circumcised, he had a surgical foreskin reconstruction towards the end of his life, which defied belief that he was once circumcised as his foreskin looked convincingly real.

There are now a multitude of European porn directors and studios churning out porn with intact models, to the point that some North American directors and studios (Falcon, Matt Stirling & William Higgins) have taken advantage of the glut of European men with readily available foreskins who are only too willing to show them off in porn films. Production companies such as Bel Ami, Cazzo, Lucas Kazan, Sarava, Lucas Entertainment, Maskurbate and many others generally churn out porn with predominantly intact performers. Several intact porn stars who possess acroposthions include Anthony Gallo (Brazillian), Dirk Jager (German), Slava Petrovich (Russian), Manuel DeBoxer (Canadian). Several intact porn stars with acroposthions (Dean Phoenix, Ricky Martinez, Maxime Cannon, Lito Cruz, Armond Rizzo, Dato Foland, Tomas Brand) actually promote and enjoy their acroposthions on film through manual and oral stimulation by specifically having their overhangs pulled, stretched, sucked and chewed on. There is now refreshingly, a growing and steady stream of intact North American men sexually active on films promoting their intactness both in commercially and privately made videos with camcorders, cameras, mobiles and webcams.

With the proliferation and seemingly irreversible influence that the Internet has over the way that we now live our lives, porn has become accessible to the vast majority of human beings globally should they so wish to access it. The posting of photos and videos of intact men and penises on theme specific Blogs and websites cater for those with the need to access these pictures and videos. Webcam sites such as Chaturbate and Cam4 are changing the porn landscape by allowing ordinary people to have access to live webcam sex. Such websites offer ordinary people a platform to sexually stimulate themselves often for cash or just to have fun. A broad range of people from around the world now display themselves with vast numbers of intact men showing off their foreskins, many showing acroposthions and how they use them for joy and pleasure. The almost universal access to mobile phones, has enabled people to film themselves and upload sexually explicit videos instantly to a variety of websites such as Xtube, ThisVid, PornHub, YouPorn channels, etc…and with this possibility, vast numbers of intact males are uploading their images and videos on these platforms making foreskins and acroposthions more visible. Many sites have specific categories as well as search boxes to look for whatever the user requires, so anyone searching for foreskin videos needs to search for ‘uncut’ as that is the term still used widely to describe people with foreskins.

There also appears to be a growing role for women who are foreskin enthusiasts to make a difference in the way that the foreskin is promoted. Indeed it would seem that some female porn stars are quite keen to fondle and orally play with a foreskin. However the vast majority of people both men and women still routinely practice retracting the foreskin and keep it retracted, solely paying attention to the head of the penis. But the foreskin seems to have found an outlet in home grown porn and foreskin enthusiasts can now express their preferential interests in foreskin via cyberspace and the Internet. The more people that promote foreskin play, the more awareness can be raised to inform others of the pleasurable enjoyment possibilities that foreskins and acroposthions are capable of.