"It’s that extra length of skin which really matters"

Foreskin 4Play

+ invertedThe human foreskin is a uniquely marvellous instrument, tool and erogenous plaything all at once, making it thus a fascinating and efficient piece of apparatus which has evolved over millions of years to be what it is today. As Dr Taylor discovered not that long ago in his research, the foreskin is comparable to the clitoris. One of its functions is to protect the glans, but it also provides enormously ecstatic pleasures when stimulated as its other function, which is sexual pleasure. Many may have seen when little boys pull on and stretch their foreskins continually, which is an indication of the innate or inherently joyful properties that resides within it. Certainly it’s not only just little boys but males of all ages, who enjoy foreskin foreplay by rubbing, stroking, tugging, pinching, pulling, squeezing, fondling, stretching and vigorously shaking their foreskins…let alone having them licked, sucked, pinched, suckled, chewed and nibbled on by someone else (or to those lucky flexible men who can self-fellate). To maximise the acroposthion, pulling on the foreskin whilst milking the shaft forward will optimise its length. Lubrication may be necessary if the foreskin is tight or if there is any discomfort. Squeezing and pinching on the foreskin when pulling it forward continuously can trigger the orgasmic reflex and it’s possible to ejaculate from foreskin manipulation and stimulation alone. Constantly stretching or applying traction to the foreskin will elongate it as the Ancient Greeks practiced this with the Kynodesme.

vigorous foreskin shaking can trigger the orgasmic reflex

Vigorous shaking of the acroposthion can trigger the orgasmic reflex

Indeed just simply the visual display of a generous acroposthion can trigger and stimulate sexual arousal in some people. It seems that the more lengthy, fleshy and pouty the overhang is, the more appealing, exciting and desirable that penis appears to be. Men with generous acroposthions can reach orgasm by vigorously shaking their penis back and forth. This creates a plopping and thwacking sound from the loose foreskin flopping around snapping back and forth on itself, which causes intense pleasurable sensations that can trigger ejaculation. Often the flopping foreskin slaps the masturbating hand, abdomen or thigh adding to the stimulation which excites the nerve endings of the acroposthion. Slapping the end of the foreskin against the other hand or a solid surface will also create the same pleasurable sensations which can stimulate and trigger the orgasmic response, resulting in ejaculation. Placing a bulldog clip or a clamp or clothes peg or suchlike on the end of the foreskin creates very intense sensations and coupled with shaking it back and forth can also trigger the ejaculation reflex. Caution is obviously advised and required with this one. Foreskin play involving the use of a nipple vacuum pump is also an activity which as well as being highly pleasurable is also a method of elongating the foreskin

stretch finger dock

Finger docking

Sliding a finger or fingers under the foreskin (finger docking) creates pleasurable sensations, particularly with pre-cum as lubrication or saliva or any other lubricant helps the finger to glide easily around the rim of the glans. The Pulling and stretching of the foreskin keeps it supple and flexible. The training of a penis with preputial stenosis is to gently introduce a finger beneath the foreskin and to slowly train the skin to stretch with the help of some massage oil or lubricant. Placing one or more fingers from each hand inside the foreskin with lubricant and pulling it apart for longer periods of time trains the tight foreskin to be more elastic and flexible. The dilemma for men who have a tight foreskin is usually in their partners or other people because having difficulty retracting the foreskin both backwards and then forwards again can come across as dysfunctional to some people. Many such men enjoy a full sex life without need to retract the foreskin, but it is possible to train the foreskin to become more elastic and flexible if someone so desires through traction training. Placing objects under the foreskin can also help to keep it flexible and elastic, but obviously care and caution are called for depending on the objects used or duration.


Penis docking

Docking is the practice which can only occur between two men, whereby one man introduces or pushes and enters his penis underneath the other man’s foreskin thereby ‘docking’. If one of the participant’s foreskins is particularly flexible, then it can be stretched open or pulled apart to accommodate the other penis. The application of lubrication can be necessary to assist the process and certainly any naturally occurring pre-cum helps to lubricate the entry and once docked the pleasurable sensations are phenomenal and the analogy is of a penis having intercourse with another penis. Note that not all foreskins can accommodate another man’s penis, so that docking can only occur when there is an abundance of loose, flexible or elastic foreskin which allows and permits another penis to be accommodated within its preputial space.


Nibbling on or gently biting the foreskin can be quite stimulating…consent and negotiation with the owner is vital

When oral foreskin play is concerned the foreskin responds greatly to the multi-purpose sensations that the mouth can provide. Sucking or suckling on the foreskin provides amazing sensations which can be regulated depending on the suction pressure applied. Use of the tongue to slip beneath the foreskin to rim the glans or alternatively tonguing the foreskin or licking while sucking it can send the recipient into blissful convulsions. Sucking the foreskin out to its fullest length reveals the acroposthion at its optimum. Gently nibbling and chewing on the foreskin while licking and sucking it add to the multiple sensations that oral sex is capable of providing to the foreskin, generating ecstatic sensations in the recipient. For those flexibly lucky who can auto fellate, oral foreskin play is a significant source of pleasure. Obviously caution and constant checking with the partner for pain tolerance or threshold levels is advised when teeth are applied to the foreskin.

Tied off with leather rope

Tied off with leather rope

Tying the end of the foreskin with a length of cord, leather or a stretchy material can also enhance foreskin sex play as it stimulates the thousands of nerve endings found there. The clitoral analogy becomes evident when masturbating with the acroposthion tied off, which creates intense sensations when the overhang is rubbed, squeezed, pinched, pulled, sucked, licked and chewed. The resulting stimulation triggers orgasm which traps semen within the preputial space causing ballooning with the ejaculate. Untying the cord then releases the trapped semen from the preputial space in an oozy drool, which can easily be contained, if making a mess is an issue. Obviously using care and caution, being sensible and aware of discomfort are all called for when utilising ligatures as cutting off blood supply is a possibility which needs to be taken into account. Do not tie tight knots or double knots which could prove difficult to undo, but ensure easy to release bows or knots are utilised instead.

acroposthion piss thru

Urinating through the foreskin produces a pleasant sensation

The act of urinating through the foreskin creates a pleasant sensation with both the warmth of the urine and the flow of the stream, depending on the strength of the flow. The more vigourous the flow, the more pleasant the sensation. Some sex play involves urination and foreskin ballooning is an activity which is only possible to intact men and men who’ve restored their foreskins. This involves pinching the end of the foreskin shut and urinating. The foreskin then balloons out with urine until it can hold no more and bursts open, creating a pleasant sensation.




Ballooning foreskin with urine










acroposthion pierced & ringed

Pierced foreskin…heavy duty ring…not to everyone’s liking

Foreskin piercing is not for everyone, but many intact men have their foreskins pierced, usually on the underneath of the foreskin, but there can are many variations to where the piercing(s) can be placed. Rings can be attached, then pulled on, stretched and hooked onto other rings or surfaces. It is always advised to use caution especially when dealing with sensitive skin like the foreskin when engaging in S & M activities. Tearing the foreskin is serious and not something that’s to be taken lightly. Certainly damaging the foreskin through S & M practices is counter-productive because damaging and hurting the foreskin is the opposite of what its function actually is, which is to ultimately produce unbelievably pleasurable sensations.

Foreskins vary infinitely from very short to very long, from very loose to very tight. It is up to individuals to experiment with their own penises and those of others to discover and treasure the joys and pleasures that this amazing structure entitles. The more men find out what is actually possible with their foreskins, the more valuable the information which can then be passed on to others.

Keep being fascinated by the fascinating foreskin…

Non-Retracting Masturbation

acroposthion pinchtip

Stimulating the glans through the foreskin in conjunction with squeezing and pinching the foreskin creates very plearurable sensations

Masturbation whereby the foreskin isn’t retracted can present a challenge to both men and women (especially if this is a new or alien concept). It’s almost expected that the foreskin has to be retracted because of the overwhelming conditioning that’s been generated over the years. It might appear a little strange at first, but it’s just a matter of exploration and experimentation to discover what’s possible. Ultimately masturbation without retracting the foreskin is wonderfully pleasing  and can prolong orgasm with an edging and tantric quality. Individual variations on this theme will be different for everyone as we all have our own way of interpretating this concept…but when stimulating the penis, the foreskin isn’t retracted but remains forward…there’s a glove-like analogy in that the glans is stimulated and massaged through the foreskin, which creates phenomenally terrific and enjoyable sensations. In addition to this, there’s also the pinching, squeezing, shaking and slapping of the acroposthion to stimulate all of those nerve endings…that’s what they’re there for. Finger docking becomes possible when the penis begins to release pre-cum, and stretching and widening the acroposthion adds to the build up of excitement. It’s a matter of trying different techniques to the way of masturbating from the status quo of known masturbation experience or previous conditioning. There is little to be lost and everything to be gained. Experiment, experiment and then experiment some more. Retracting the foreskin is certainly part of the sexual repertoire but in conjunction with non-retracting techniques, adds enormously to the sexual enjoyment and satisfaction of the self pleasuring art of masturbation.

005 clothes Pegs

Clothes pegs

foreskin clamp with weight

Clamps with weights

006 closed off with rubber ring

Foreskin rubber ring











009 nipple vacuum pump

Nipple vacuum cylinder

005 forceps


004h inserted glass marbles








000d stretch

Manual Handling














000 stretch000 Megaprepuce Stretch









000b stretch000f stretch

001c suck








001c tongue001a tongue

001d suck






003b self suck003 self bite









pierced foreskin008a shower hose

004 docking