"It’s that extra length of skin which really matters"

Altering Perceptions of the Foreskin

+ invertedThe mass circumcision campaigns of the past have resulted in pandemic ignorance about the foreskin and its versatile role in human sexuality. Ignorance and false information about the remarkable foreskin would appear to be the rule in American medical literature, education, and practice. Up until very recently, American medical textbooks depicted the human penis, without explanation, as circumcised, as if it were so by nature. In current 21st Century United States (supposedly one of the most advanced nations on Earth) the topic of circumcision generates heated debates whether or not to leave the foreskin intact or to circumcise it. Hygiene and cleanliness are given as the main reasons for it but there are also the motives of maintaining tradition, conformity to the ignorance of the herd mentality and not wanting to be stigmatised if deviation from the norm occurs. Oh! and not forgetting also, the monetary factor from which the ‘Foreskin Mafia’ profits mercilessly from neonate foreskins, which of course it’s keen to promote the so called ‘benefits’ of circumcision to perpetuate this practice. Social anxieties arising from peer and family pressure can make confused or uncertain parents succumb and buckle to circumcising their infant boys. Many North American adults both male and female who have never seen an intact penis are likely to maintain the status quo when having a baby boy. The fear and hysteria generated by the pro-circumcision sector to the parents (particularly to the mothers) of new born boys needs to be reversed and parental fears dissipated by factual information if any significant decrease in the circumcision rates in the U.S is to be achieved.

Perfectly good foreskin being amputated...20,000 nerve endings severed forever

Circumcision of a perfectly good foreskin. Altering the way that the foreskin is perceived is of vital urgency.

Just what is it about the foreskin that causes many men and women to cringe, shriek and be critical, as if it were the most vile thing in the world, when in fact it’s an unbelievably complex, intricate and pleasure-sensation producing structure, which ought to be seen as one of the most valued part of a man’s body? Certainly the decades of circumcision propaganda from medical myths and lies which dominated those English speaking circumcising nations previously mentioned definitely caused the foreskin to be perceived negatively. However, there is a welcome change that the status of the intact penis is finally being given the recognition and validation that it deserves after many years of anti-circumcision and pro-foreskin activism. The entrenched patterns of behaviour whereby individuals and groups blindly follow for the sake of “doing what we’ve always done” without questioning, needs to be challenged. Patterns of behaviour can be changed with new information and new ways of thinking can emerge when factual, rational and sensible discussion takes place. The cutting off of foreskins is irrational, illogical and nonsensical and those who hold the attitudes and beliefs that the foreskin is irrelevant, trivial and not required have to be challenged. Also previously stated that there is a sizable percentage of humanity that looks upon the foreskin with disdain, derision and contempt. There seems little anyone can do to change their culture, dogmas and religious orthodoxy, due to their entrenched and intractable positions. Still the hope remains that if the facts are made explicit and the circumstitions debunked, then there is hope that sanity and sense will eventually prevail and one parent’s decision not to circumcise may influence another parent not to do so and so on and so forth.

There is nothing 'gross' about it

Penis with an acroposthion…there is nothing gross, vile nor detestable about it. If you do find it gross then you can change your perception today and learn to be neutral about it and eventually accept it as a wonder of nature.

Foreskin education needs to be promoted and both sexes need to be made aware of the foreskin’s functions, purpose and most importantly of the joys, pleasures and ecstasies that the foreskin holds within its folds for both sexes. The beauty and aesthetic nature of the foreskin has an emotionally charged impact on those men and women who value, treasure and revere it…the foreskin enthusiasts. The innocence and vulnerability of the human male seems all at once to be represented by his foreskin, especially the acroposthion, because this is the part that seems to be the most reviled and criticised with remarks such as “eewwh” and “gross”, and yet produces the most pleasurable and blissful sensations possible to males. The fact that the word ‘uncut’ is predominantly used to refer to a man with a foreskin is indicative of how we’ve been brainwashed by circumcisionists. To refer to a man as ‘uncut’ implies that being ‘cut’ is the norm and ‘uncut’ is a man who’s not ‘cut’, when the actual reality is that it’s the reverse that’s the norm. It’s very important to begin to change our perceptions of the penis from being uncut to being intact because being intact normalises the foreskin as being the integral part of the natural penis. Being intact is the way that nature intended it and being cut is an artificial, man-made construct that ultimately disempowers a man and desensitises his penis to pleasurable sensations. Intact men need to take more pride in their foreskins (if they don’t already do so) and not to view it as an embarrassment nor shameful …more importantly men who possess acroposthions should likewise not be shamed or embarrassed, but to take pride and show them off when appropriate like the Ancient Greeks did… as if it were the most important part of their bodies. There is no longer any reason to retract the foreskin back to seem ‘normal’ in change rooms, at nudist facilities, saunas or in places where men can be naked. To redress the balance, intact men need to respect their foreskins, fear no more and not be shamed about showing the most treasured and important part of themselves. Intact men of the world display your ‘hoods’…proudly and prominently.

Giant Anteater

‘Anteater’ is a derogatory term used to mock intact men who possess acroposthions by circumcisionists.

Sex has been a taboo subject for a very long time and there are those factions in society with major agendas for keeping it taboo. The church with its oppressive religious dogma and the morality fascists, profess their suppressive views of the human body’s pleasure centres and propagate blatant lies and fabrications surrounding the body’s natural functions. There has been so much ignorance about sex generally that unfortunately the foreskin has been a casualty of this deliberate agenda of misinformation propaganda and brainwashing. Derogatory terms mocking intact men and their foreskins are numerous and names such as anteater, aardvark, lace curtain, turtleneck sweater, carrot (as opposed to mushroom), elephant’s trunk, snozzle have all been used to torment uncircumcised men by their ‘normalised’ circumcised peers. Being categorised as either a “roundhead” (circumcised) or “cavalier” (uncircumcised) was in the past how males were referred to in the United Kingdom in the pre-World War 2 era when circumcision was carried out largely by the upper classes and those with wealth. It was yet another example of the ‘us’ vs ‘them’ mentality that human beings seem to thrive upon and another way which divides instead of uniting humans.

Intact Penis…Do NOT circumcise

Intact Penis…Do not circumcise.

The judgemental attitudes of some people can be incredibly negative, hostile, demeaning and damaging towards the owners of foreskins because of ancient prejudices and more recent perpetuated twisted belief systems, which can no longer be allowed to influence modern civilized life. Both men and women need to stop tormenting and body shaming intact men about their foreskins over agendas started so long ago, that all objectivity has since been lost, because the foreskin is a miraculous and amazing piece of apparatus which took millions of years to evolve and it needs to be promoted as such. Thus, there needs to be no more derision and hostility towards the foreskins and acroposthions of intact men. It’s also important for intact men to take pride in their foreskins and to stand up for themselves if they are attacked for being intact. They need to turn the tables round and point out that they’re the ones with all of their ‘sensational’ equipment intact and that it’s those critical circumcised tormentors who are the ones missing out on the ecstatic pleasures that foreskins are capable of.

Jewish and Muslim men currently don’t have any say in their circumcision, as indeed are those men who live in societies who circumcise for cultural and ‘rite of passage’ reasons. Those hundreds of millions of males are caught up in this utterly brutal and barbaric practice, which can be seen to be unethical, abhorrent, a sexually fascist and sex torture practice. There is a movement within the Jewish community to stop the circumcision of their sons, but this is generating opposition with the Jewish community, particularly from traditionalist Orthodox Jews. However, this is a very welcome start to challenging this very twisted practice within the religion, and it needs more support to deepen its roots, grow and establish a louder voice. This movement may prompt some other groups to review or re-assess their archaic, cruel and torturous custom. The rest of the civilised ‘intact’ world can only look on in bewilderment at the heinous sexual crime and human rights violation that circumcision is. To cut off a child’s pleasure centre and mutilate their genitals without any regard and consent whatsoever is an abusive crime against humanity of the most cowardly and despicable kind and it is an odious practice of marking the sheep to identify members of their flock. Surely there can be other less traumatising ways to identify each other that does not cause torturous pain through the genital mutilation of innocent children. It’s estimated that up to a billion males around the world, or around a third of males are basically forced to undergo the trauma of circumcision because it’s imposed onto them by their culture, belief system and vilification of the foreskin. What a shame that those males cannot be free to keep the most sensitive part of their anatomy.

heart flesh toneThe majority of men and women who do appreciate and value the wonders of the foreskin thankfully are predominantly the bulk of the planet’s population. China and India combined share a billion intact males between their countries. Europe, Asia (predominantly), South America and Australia (predominantly) leave penises intact and as nature intended. Thus the overwhelming numbers must surely speak volumes to those men who are considering having their foreskins removed because of negative conditioning against the foreskin. Indeed, there are also many North American parents who are unsure about whether or not to circumcise their sons. The answer is don’t !…Stop succumbing to the delusion started by Kellogg and the other puritanical religious zealots which is continuing today as the ‘blood lust’ craze of the circumcisionist agenda. Men who are doubting the value of their foreskin, need to start sensitising them and not succumb to getting it cut off, because one it’s gone…that’s it…all those nerve endings severed forever. Parents need to believe that preserving the genital integrity of your sons is one of the most precious gifts that any parent can give to their male children, who will be the next generation of adult men. They will surely appreciate the preservation of their natural inheritance and thank you for this when they are grown up with their fully functional arsenal of pleasure laden nerve endings intact.







Decemberist flower

This flower…looks conspicuously like a human phallus complete with foreskin

unopened flower

The bud of an unopened flower…looks conspicuously like an acroposthion

Rosebud of Kennett Square variety

Rosebud opening…looks conspicuously like an intact penis













Opened rose…looks conspicuously like the folds of skin of an acroposthion


Folds of skin of an acroposthion…looks conspicuously like the petals of a Rose

Elephant Trunk

Folds of skin of an elephant’s trunk…looks conspicuously like the folds of skin of an acroposthion