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This website is dedicated to the Foreskin and specifically the foreskin overhang or pucker, which is otherwise called:

The Acroposthion (Greek: akro = peak, posthe = foreskin).

Thus it aims to promote understanding of the importance, significance, and relevance of the foreskin and particularly its role in:

  • Male sexual pleasure as a primary erogenous zone of the penis.
  • Hygiene and sexual health.
  • Impact on the partner’s sexual pleasure.

The information on this website is valuable for all people and genders, but may be especially relevant for:

  • Men with foreskins who have not yet appreciated the full pleasure potential of their foreskins.
  • Parents weighing up whether or not to circumcise their sons.
  • Men with conditions which affect their foreskin, such as tightness or lack of retractability.
  • Men who may be considering circumcision.
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