The acroposthion in its endless diversity and variation comes in a multitude of versions. This gallery highlights the ‘variations on a theme’ of what acroposthions (if they’re not cut off) can be like. All acroposthions are potentially capable of their intended ability to produce blissful, pleasureable and ecstatic sensations when encouraged to do so. The aesthetic qualities of the foreskin seem to become accentuated with each acroposthion’s individualised ridges, frills and corrugations. These are the male’s sex ‘flower’ in all of its ‘draped curtains’ glory. Appreciate, respect and enjoy the acroposthion as a wonder of nature and an evolutionary marvel.


The Internet Gallery:

All images in this gallery were obtained from the internet.

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The original website was instigated in 2008 and featured these acroposthions.

The original gallery: