"It’s that extra length of skin which really matters"

The Foreskin ‘Mafia’

The Circumcision Industry and the Cosmetics Industry are the Foreskin ‘Mafia’

+ invertedThe humble foreskin which has long been the source of much controversy, continues today to generate an even more astoundingly unbelievabe controversy in North America. This most disturbing and alarming of issues is in the unethical trafficking of neonate foreskins. Not only do parents of North American baby boys have to pay between $200 to $350 to obstetricians to circumcise their boys, but no sooner are the circumcised foreskins cut off that they are sold on to bio-engineering and cosmetics companies by the hospitals. The numbers of dollars involved are bewilderingly staggering, and this financial force is one which is providing the funds to continue the spread of the medical propaganda advocating circumcision by the pro-circumcisionists. The resale value of neonate foreskins is astronomically dizzying in that from one baby boy’s foreskin can be grown bio-engineered skin in a lab to the size of a football field. That’s 4 acres of new skin or around 200,000 units of manufactured skin, which is enough skin to cover about 250 people and sells at $3,000 a square foot. Considering that there are 1.25 million neonate foreskins circumcised each year in the U.S alone this translates to one of the most lucrative trades, if not the most lucrative trade in human body parts ever in the history of humanity.

The Process of foreskin harvesting for cosmetics

The process of harvesting the raw material foreskins of neonate baby boys which are then bought by bio-engineering corporations and the cosmetics industry

The justifiable explanations are that this newly bio-engineered skin is used for burns, persistent leg ulcers, bed sores, reconstructive surgery and other skin problems. Companies such as Advanced Tissue Sciences, BioSurface Technologies, Genzyme, Ortec International, and Organogenesis (and many others) are huge purchasers of infant foreskin tissue. The latest wonder in medical technology, Organogenesis’s Apligraf is the first and only human skin construct with FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval. Closing wounds is what skin constructs do best thus Bio-engineering researchers want to switch to skin constructs for some of their testing. It’s not certain how these constructs work, but the statistics seem credible. Made of newborn penis-wraps (neonatal foreskin) and cow fat (bovine collagen), Apligraf placed over pernicious wounds magically heals the treated area. Almost 50 percent more wounds heal with Apligraf than with compression alone. The following is a description of what Apligraf is from their website “Apligraf is a unique biological product, containing living cells and structural (rebuilding) proteins and growth factors similar to healthy human skin. Because it is biological, the body can use the elements in Apligraf to help repair itself. As a result, Apligraf is natural and well tolerated, with no major reported side effects.” Apligraf’s  manufacturer Organogenesis Inc states on its website that: “Human keratinocytes and fibroblasts are derived from neonatal foreskins obtained for use under informed-consent guidelines. The foreskin is decontaminated with antibiotics, antifungals, and an ethyl alcohol rinse. Production of cell stocks involves enzymatic digestion of the foreskin tissue and fibroblast/keratinocyte isolation.” Up until recently the company avoided to mention that neonate foreskins were the source for this product, chosing to say that the product contained “living cells” or that it was a “biological” product.

Theories abound as to why newborn foreskins seem to work so well. According to the most accepted theory, newborn skin cells can morph into any kind of skin cell, whereas adult skin cells perform a specific function, which is why skin grafting is problematic. Also, neonatal tissue hasn’t yet developed the immunity proteins that cause rejection with adult human skin. Human skin constructs certainly put a spin on the circumcision debate. Previously, parents had only weak evidence of the health benefits of circumcision, such as a lower risk of infection. However, it would appear that circumcision really does have health benefits, but only it’s not the baby boys who are losing parts of their penises who benefit.

baby in circumstraint

Neonate boy velcroed in a circumstraint awaiting his fate…his foreskin will be sold off to parasitic companies for bio-engineering which will result in a range and variety of products

Other companies also seem to know the value of neonate foreskins and the Cosmetics Industry has been taking advantage of newly circumcised babies by using the fresh baby boy foreskins to manufacture skin rejuvenating lotions, creams and solutions because of the ability of foreskins cells to regenerate new skin cells. Although there is great outcry against cosmetic companies who use animals to test their products, certain cosmetic companies, such as Estee Lauder, Helene Curtis, and Mary Kay Cosmetics, use neonate foreskins in their products. There is a product called TNS Recovery Complex by SkinMedica which is an anti-ageing serum costing over US$250 per ounce and is used by many high-profile celebrities (such as Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters) as an alternative to cosmetic surgery. It just so happens to be made from that discarded piece of foreskin that many parents opt to have removed from their newborn baby boys before they leave the hospital. Jusfifying explanations are along the lines of “Oh that little piece of trivial, useless skin…the baby doesn’t need it anyway”. The atrocious use of animals to test cosmetics is obviously not a problem of morality for many women, as indeed is the abomination of using neonate foreskins for cosmetics, not a problem of morality for many women as well. “Who cares how they’re made, where they come from or what they’re made from…as long as they work on my wrinkles” is the attitude that many women hold, so therefore, those cosmetics companies mentioned above see $$$ signs and ‘Gold in’em for’skins’. It is in their interests to continue cashing in on neonate circumcision because of the megabucks which these corporations make from newborn baby boys’ foreskins…and therefore certainly don’t want neonate circumcision in North America to be challenged and stopped.

Oprah Winfrey promoting TNS Recovery Complex

Shame on you Oprah Winfrey for your double standard and mixed message concerning Genital Integrity

This was talked about enthusiastically on the Oprah show where it was announced that this new product which boosts collagen production and can rejuvenate skin contains an ingredient engineered from human foreskin cells. TNS contains an ingredient called NouriCel-MD which is the trade name for a combination of Natural Growth Factors, matrix proteins, and soluble collagen. TNS is comprised from six natural human growth factors found in normal healthy skin engineered from human foreskin. Proteins and collagen are not new but Natural Growth Factors are a new category of compounds that act as chemical messengers to turn on and off a variety of cellular activities. Human Growth Factors extracted from cultured cells of foreskin which are then engineered into cosmeceuticals is the same as saying the product contains human foreskin. Oprah Winfrey you ought to know better than to promote unethical products on your show and your website. Shame on you Oprah for using your influence to promote and advocate circumcision to make your ageing skin look good at the expense of a baby boy’s most sensitive part, his foreskin. Fighting oppression and highlighting human rights abuses have been key Oprah Winfrey themes. The obvious double standard in this situation is that on the one hand, you condemn Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) but on the other, you are promoting a product which comes from the Male Genital Mutilation (MGM) of neonate boys. With the audience that you attract you ought to be promoting Genital Integrity for all…without discrimination…not just for girls. Thus hypocritically here you are promoting emasculation, male oppression and male human rights violation which is incredibly shocking, disappointing and unacceptable. It makes you look like a heartless, conceited, self-serving and vain cow, therefore shame, shame, shame on you Oprah Winfrey…maybe your wrinkles will develop within your ageless exterior instead.

boy's penis being circumcised

An abundant neonate foreskin just about to be chopped off…this is the raw material for the multi Billion $$$ Industry. If parents of North American baby boys woke up to this unethical nonsense and stopped circumcising their baby boys, this would all diminish overnight

Circumcision is a multi-billion dollar industry in North America and one doctor alone in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia claims having performed 20,000 circumcisions over the past decade, charging around $250 per procedure, which has earned this doctor an unbelievable $5 million. It is estimated that between the surgery and the foreskin’s resale value, each foreskin is worth approximately $100,000. The number crunchers estimate the developed world’s market for human-skin constructs is somewhere between $1 billion and $2 billion for the treatment of burns alone; for the treatment of chronic wounds (diabetic ulcers, pressure sores, and venous ulcers), the market is roughly $10 billion. Advanced Tissue’s flagship skin-construct, Dermagraft (described on their website as “manufactured from human fibroblast cells derived from new born foreskin tissue”), sells for $3,000 per square foot, harvesting 250,000 square feet of Dermagraft from one foreskin alone. The math translates theoretically into a $750,000,000 transaction, which is astounding, outrageous and atrociously sickening….Is it not? Foreskin Mafia indeed! This is the sort of information that everyone especially all North Americans must know about to curtail and ultimately stop this outrageous scam for once and for all.

Because most baby foreskins are used in insulin production, breathable bandages, and in the cosmetics industry, one has to wonder why the sale of all other human tissue is considered illegal, or is highly regulated, yet doctors are allowed to remove healthy tissue without the patient’s consent and against all medical recommendations, and then sell it for profity. Huge amounts of money are being made in an ethical vacuum, but whose palms are getting greased? Organogenesis, Novartis (the distributors of Apligraf), and Advanced Tissue Sciences were unresponsive to inquiries, and anti-circumcision activists claim the biotech companies won’t talk to reporters about the money. John A. Erickson, owner of sexuallymutilatedchild.org an anti-circumcision web site, received an anonymous email saying the going rate for infant foreskins at a large hospital in the greater San Diego area was $35 each, and that ethical doctors deducted that amount from their circumcision fees.

Groups like the National Organization to Halt the Abuse and Routine Mutilation of Males (NOHARMM)…noharmm.org liken the harvesting of foreskin tissue to harvesting organs. Tim Hammond, director of NOHARMM, suggests that biotech companies should pursue other alternatives to human foreskin. “The courts have ruled that you cannot take healthy tissue from an infant to benefit a third party”, Hammond said. Apparently, nobody told Organogenesis or Janet Reno (U.S Attorney General at the time).

Lubrication Nation

Lubrication Nation

Lubrication Manufacturers have been making lucrative profits from circumcised men for quite some time now because they require lubrication to masturbate with and for penetrative sex because they don’t have a foreskin. Circumcised men generally have to masturbate with lubrication because they have to generate the gliding action which a foreskin would otherwise produce via sexual secretions to get the sensations required to trigger the ejaculation reflex. Lubrication manufacturers are a major beneficiary of the circumcision craze in North America. Hopefully once circumcisions decline significantly and men don’t need lube to masturbate with, their sales will eventually  decline and one less opportunistic industry won’t any longer take advantage of the the circumcision of foreskins which the circumcision industry has promoted for generations.

parasitic Black-legged tick

The circumcision industry and the cosmetics industry are parasites feeding off neonate foreskins

It is in the interest of the circumcision and cosmetics industries to maintain and continue routinely circumcising neonate boys because it is incredibly lucrative to them. Everyone from the doctor to the hospital to the biotech businesses to the government is profiting from the sale of amputated infant foreskins. It is up to the ordinary men and women, who are the parents of the next generation to stand up and say a very loud no to the circumcisers and to sue hospitals if their baby boys are circumcised without their consent. It is time to take back the control of your childrens’ bodies because it is you who gives consent and it is you who will face the question when your child is older and asks “What happened to my foreskin?” or “Why is my penis not the way it’s supposed to be?” The 21st century is now well under way and this absurdly unacceptable and abhorrent practice cannot be allowed to continue. To have cosmeceuticals made of neonate foreskins is intolerable, unethical and criminal. The circumcision industry and the cosmetics industry are parasitic bodies which are feeding off of neonate foreskins to generate their existence. A boycott of all products and companies mentioned in this section is called for. Alerting everyone and informing them of this outrage and publicising these unethical issues are important because it is only by shining a light on this topic that any resolution of this injustice will the met. It is obvious why these industries need a constant supply of neonate foreskins, so if parents were to cease neonate circumcisions on their sons, then these industries would need to change their practices and their raw materials.


Apligraf skin made from neonate foreskins

Apligraf skin is made from neonate foreskins

apligraft in petri dish

Apligraf which its manufacturer Organogenesis says is derived from foreskins obtained under informed consent

TNS Recovery Complex whose key ingredient is foreskins from circumcised babies

TNS Recovery Complex whose miraculous ingredient is neonate foreskins

Fibroblast your wrinkles

‘Fibroblast your wrinkles away’ with products which originate from neonate boys’ foreskins…companies such as Estee Lauder, Helene Curtis, and Mary Kay, use neonate foreskins to manufacture their cosmetics













Skin Medica’s range of products, including TNS Recovery Complex, which is derived from neonate foreskins


Serves you right Oprah that people are angered by your promotion of controversial cosmetics on your TV show













Oprah protesters in Ottawa

Outrage at Oprah’s hypocritical stance on Male Genital Mutilation when she abhors Female Genital Mutilation

circumcise Oprah

Canadian Intactivist protestors use sarcasm to criticise Oprah’s promotion of unacceptable and unethical cosmetics

Circumcision industry

The Circumcision Industry rewards doctors by making them millionaires from circumcising neonates, which is why they don’t want circumcision of neonate boys to be challenged or stopped












Female doctor advocating circumcision and perpetuating the myths of hygiene and cleanliness

Female doctor promoting male circumcision and perpetuating the disinformation concerning hygiene and cleanliness…her hypocritical stance is transparent to intactivists as a female’s personal hygiene requires more rigorous attention than an intact male’s personal hygiene. This is an example of the circumcision industry’s deliberate brainwashing of the American public to perpetuate the continuation of neonate circumcision for raw materials for the Billion $$$ bio-engineering & cosmetic industries














The scandal of what happens to all of those millions of neonate foreskins that get sliced off year after year in North America.


The guys hosting this show seem oblivious to the issue of circumcision, because they’re most likely circumcised themselves…and thus are actually using sarcastic humour to trivialise the foreskin and the issue concerning Oprah Winfrey promoting an unethical product.


The ridicule and trivialisation of the foreskin is blatantly obvious in this clip…with these two so called professionals laughing and joking about the foreskins procured from those millions of neonate boys who were traumatised by circumcision to obtain the raw material required for this product.