"It’s that extra length of skin which really matters"


+ invertedThe male phallus has been under attack for millenia and throughout history. Today circumcision is routine throughout many areas of the world and males are the victims of this heinous, barbaric sex torture practice. The word ‘Circumstition’ is an interesting word which has been coined to describe the ‘superstitions’ and often outrageous reasoning and beliefs used by people to justify circumcision. The following are just a scattering of the hundreds of circumstitions found on the website circumstitions.com, an anti-genital mutilation website. They reflect views and attitudes stemming from ignorance, misinformation, prejudice, brainwashing and outright stupidity. Some of these circumstitions scream frighteningly loud for themselves, whilst others are simply upsetting and disturbing:-

– Because “They’re my kids and I’ll do any god damned thing I want to them, so you lost this argument, Asshole.”

– To teach him that the world is a painful place / that life hurts / To toughen ’em up for real life / Because “It teaches them that pain doesn’t matter.”

– Because the foreskin is a mistake of nature / Because the foreskin is a mutation that only appears on some males and must be removed.

– Because they told his mother at the hospital if she didn’t have him circumcised he wouldn’t be able to father children.

– “Want to know Why I circed my sons. Ummmmm, let me think for a sec….OH yeah I know, cause I wanted to, that’s why. You don’t get to tell us what we can do to our own children because their OUR children not yours. If you want your son to look like a freak and feel bad about himself that’s fine, what-ever-floats-your -boat. But when it come to MY child, he is under MY control till he is 18. I say what goes, not him. When we ALL become parents, we have to make a decision right or wrong but it is ours to make. Not yours or Joe Shmo down the steet. I gave birth to my beautiful sons and I am the one to make that choice for him because he can’t. So stop making parents that have circed their sons feel bad about because they shouldn’t, its their child so keep you big fat fuukin noses out of our (their) buisness….To each their own.”

– Because “I don’t want to piss off my mother-in-law” / Because “My mother won’t baby sit him if he’s not circumcised.”

– Because if he isn’t circumcised at birth he won’t want to be circumcised later.

– “If I had to, he has to.”

– Because “they were kind of pressuring me at the hospital to do so.”

– Because “I don’t want him to look like he has a dog dick.”

– Because it’s just part of being born / Because all males are circumcised / Because it is hospital policy / Because it was pretty much mandatory / Because “they just do it automatically” / Because when his mother said “What’s circumcision?” they said, “Don’t worry dear, we’ll look after it” / Because it’s a law / Because “in Tennessee, it was required” / Because “it was THE LAW and they could NOT take their sons home unless they were circumcised.”

– Because “the foreskin would fall off by itself if it wasn’t cut off by the doctor, just like the umbilical cord.”

– Because all the nice families are having it done.

– Because “If you don’t do that they get a rupture….the urine will get all backed up and won’t come out properly.” / To allow him to urinate. (A nursing graduate)

– Because a military surgeon “wanted to get back into practice because she could get $100 apiece for them in private practice” / To provide practice for house-surgeons (interns) / To provide practice for Navy surgeons waiting for action.

– To prevent another Holocaust (he’s a gentile: circumcising gentiles will hide Jews).

– To prevent Jews and Muslims from being marginalised (he’s a gentile: circumcising gentiles will normalise Jews and Muslims).

– Because the foreskin concentrates negative energy.

– Because impurities collect in the foreskin and by removing it we are purer and closer to God. (A Lebanese Muslim man)

– Because women’s magazines advise it.

– Because it is a status symbol: “If you ain’t circumcised, you ain’t shit.”

– Because it is an act of the civilized world.

– “Because his father is and it is better for them to be alike.”

– Because Mohammed was “born circumcised.”

– As a tourist attraction. (Malaysia, Indonesia)

– To use his foreskin for testing cosmetics for irritation.

– “If he got an infection, I would be considered a dirty incompetent mom.”

– Because men prefer a maintenance-free penis. (Dr William Sears on ParentTime)

– Because an uncircumcised penis looks funny /… like a piece of meat / “…sort of like a little rodent stuck in a garden hose” / “Because if your not cut…..you look like a freak!!” (The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, pp. 397-398)

– “I had him circumcised because the foreskin kept getting tighter and tighter as he got older to the point where he could no longer retract it and if he did not get it circumcised the chances of his developing gangrene were not even a question.”

– Because “apparently there is something in the Korean genotype [hereditary makeup] that causes problems with penile phimosis” (A teacher in South Korea)

– Because “it reduces a boy’s excessive fascination with his penis.”

– Because (the Jews) lived in the desert, and the dust and dirt would get in there in young boys and cause infections.

– Because it is “a requirement for admission to the armed forces / the US Marines / As a requirement of joining the Coast Guard, because the foreskin is a “health problem.”

– To prevent him from concealing / transporting drugs under his foreskin.

– Because the foreskin’s purpose is to facilitate rape.

– As a proud mark that one was not French. (Algerian man describes life under colonial French rule)

– To remove the female element from him: “A boy is female from his foreskin; a girl is male from her clitoris.” (According to the Dogon of West Africa)

– As an “equalizer for the inconvenience, sometimes pain, that the female of the species suffers month after month.”

– So that men can have the same blood-bond as women: “Our mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters experience the awesome spiritual bonding power of blood every month. Men have this opportunity only during circumcision.” (Rabbi David Zaslow)

– Because women don’t like performing oral sex on intact men / Because prostitutes prefer circumcised penises (Australian medical journal)

– Because it enhances sensitivity. (The Hite Report on Male Sexuality, pp. 397-398)

– To prevent urinary obstruction in his old age (Canadian Medical Association Journal)

– In case he needs a catheter when he is senile.

– Because it serves as “payback” for “centuries of oppression of women.”


Unbelievable but obviously true…The complete list of 600 circumstitions can be found on the website. After reading these one tends to become speechless or numbed or both, but also there’s the likelihood of becoming enraged and outraged. However there can also be deeply saddening feelings brought up by the sheer volume of ferocious hatred, animosity and hostility with which the foreskin is perceived by a multitude of people encompassing all levels of society. Then there’s also the indifference and ignorance towards the functions and purpose of the foreskin, which can seem bewildering and baffling. This leads to the very pertinent question of “Do we live in a civilized world?” or are we under some illusion that we do? Indeed if there was a conscience to prick then there might be some tangible hope that things might change, but with such entrenched views and beliefs such as those presented above, this seems to be a forlorn and vain hope, and millions of neonates, children, adolescents and young men must seemingly continue to endure genital torture, sexual mutilation and deep psychological traumas through the blood sacrifice called circumcision that seems an inevitability for those millions of ‘marked’ males.


Perfectly good foreskin being amputated...20,000 nerve endings severed forever 00

Perfectly good foreskin being amputated…20,000 nerve endings severed forever!!! TELL ME WHY ???