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Docking is the practice which can only occur between two men, whereby one man pushes or places his penis underneath the other manís foreskin thereby Ďdockingí. If one of the participantís foreskins is particularly flexible, then it can be stretched open or pulled apart to accommodate the other penis. Pre-cum helps to lubricate the entry and once docked the pleasurable sensations are phenomenal and the analogy is of a penis having intercourse with another penis. Note that not all foreskins can accommodate another manís penis, so this can only occur when there is an abundance of foreskin to play with or the foreskin is loose, flexible or elastic enough to accommodate another penis within its preputial space.

When oral foreskin play is concerned the foreskin responds greatly to the multi purpose sensations that the mouth can provide. Sucking or suckling on the foreskin provides amazing sensations which can be regulated depending on the suction pressure applied. Use of the tongue to slip beneath the foreskin to rim the glans or alternatively tonguing the foreskin or licking while sucking it can send the recipient into blissful convulsions. Sucking the foreskin out to its fullest length reveals the acroposthion at its optimum. Gently nibbling and chewing on the foreskin while licking and sucking it add to the multiple sensations that oral sex is capable of providing to the foreskin, generating ecstatic sensations in the recipient. For those flexibly lucky who can auto fellate, oral foreskin play is a significant source of pleasure. Obviously caution and constant checking with the partner for pain tolerance or threshold levels is advised when teeth are applied to the foreskin.


Some sex play involves urination and foreskin ballooning is an activity which is only possible to intact men. It involves pinching the end of the foreskin shut and urinating. The foreskin then balloons out with urine until it can hold no more and bursts open.

Tying the end of the foreskin with a length of cord, leather or a stretchy material can also enhance foreskin sex play as it stimulates the thousands of nerve endings found there. The clitoral analogy becomes evident when masturbating with the acroposthion tied off, which creates intense sensations when the overhang is rubbed, squeezed, pinched, pulled, sucked, licked and chewed. The resulting stimulation triggers orgasm which traps semen within the preputial space causing ballooning with the ejaculate. Untying the cord then releases the trapped semen from the preputial space in an oozy drool, which can easily be contained, if making a mess is an issue. Obviously using care and caution, being sensible and aware of discomfort are all called for when utilising ligatures as cutting off blood supply is a possibility which needs to be taken into account. Do not tie tight knots or double knots which could prove difficult to undo, but ensure easy to release bows or knots are utilised instead.

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