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The length of an individual’s foreskin is a haphazard phenomenon and it’s a mystery as to how the length of any man’s foreskin is determined, but there may be genetic links as to what its length might be. The foreskin’s uni-petal forms one continuous elastic lip, which varies from individual to individual in length and flexibility. It can be stretched and trained to lengthen with continuous effort and perseverance. It’s almost certain that the ancient Greeks practiced elongating their foreskins. Of course not all foreskins will be lengthy, elastic and of a ‘classical Greek’ disposition.  Short foreskins will tend to retract as soon as the penis begins to be aroused and it has been known of men who thought that they’d been circumcised by the shortness of their foreskins. The length of some foreskins however can be incredibly generous and these men it would seem have inherited a lot more nerve endings with such lengthy foreskins and it would also seem a lot more potential for pleasure.

The foreskin's double-layered sheath enables a gliding action which is the hallmark mechanical feature of the intact penis as it slips in and out of itself enabling the penile skin to glide back and forth over the penile shaft. It can normally be slipped all the way or almost all the way back to the base of the penis and can also be stretched forward beyond the glans. This wide range of motion is the mechanism by which the penis and the orgasmic triggers in the foreskin, frenulum, and glans are stimulated. The foreskin may have functions not yet recognized or understood. Scientists in Europe recently detected Oestrogen receptors in its basal epidermal cells.

Examples of a long foreskins
acroposthion004003.jpg acroposthion004002.jpg acroposthion004001.jpg
Examples of short foreskins
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